The Pendleton Cereal Pathology lab is focused on serving the producers and stakeholders of high quality Oregon wheat. My goal is to conduct relevant, practical, and applied research on the biology and control of plant-pathogenic fungi and nematodes that limit yields of dryland wheat production in the Inland Pacific Northwest. Below you will find a list of selected collaborations and a brief description of each project. Please contact me if you would like more details or are interested in collaborating. My program is currently funded by the Oregon Wheat Commission, the Washington Grain Commission, USDA-ARS, The Oregon Ag. Experiment Station, and industry partners.

  • Evaluating the effect of tillage on soil-borne wheat pathogens in the six agronomic zones of the dryland Pacific Northwest. Collaborators: OSU Statistician, Dr. Katherine McLaughlin; and CBARC Director, Mary K. Corp
  • Quantifying the impact of soil-borne wheat mosaic virus under dryland conditions. In addition, we are screening new varieties for resistance to Soil-borne wheat mosaic virus and evaluating the efficacy of variety blends under high Soil-borne wheat mosaic virus disease pressure. Collaborators: OSU Wheat Breeder, Dr. Bob Zemetra
  • Utilizing UAV technology to understand more about the spread and pattern of soil-borne diseases of wheat. Collaborator: WSU Agricultural Roboticist, Dr. Manoj Karkee
  • Mapping the distribution and spread of Soil-borne wheat mosaic virus in the Walla Walla Valley. We also hope to understand more about the diversity of the virus present in the region. Collaborators: OSU Extension Pathologist, Dr. Ken Frost; OSU Hermiston Plant Clinic Diagnostician, Dr. Robert Caiting; and Postdoctoral Scholar, Dr. Sudeep Bag
  • Screening for Fusarium crown rot resistance in low-rainfall conditions. We will also be evaluating the effect of micronutrients on Fusarium crown severity. Collaborator: OSU Morrow County Extension, Dr. Larry Lutcher
Photo by L. Ketchum