2013 Group photo
STL Team in 2013:Standing (L to R) Murthy, Thomas, Austin, Deepak, Bill.
Sitting (L to R) SoonHo, Ankita and Hossein. Not in Picture: Allex

Institutions do not become great because of buildings; They become great because of the people who work there.   -Anonymous

Present Team (Jan, 2016)

Principal Investigator: Ganti.S.Murthy (Murthy)

Graduate Students:

  • Mr. William Hohehschuh (Bill)(PhD)
    Mr. S.M. Hossein Tabatabaie (Hossein) (PhD)
    Mr. Haider Jawad Kadhum (PhD)

Undergraduate Students:

  • Mr. Jacob Wallach
    Mr. Jacob Zinsli
2008 Group photo
STL in 2008 (L to R):Rago, Kyle, Murthy, Wes, Carole, Jenna and Cosmo

Laboratory Alumni

Graduate Students:

  • Dr. Deepak Kumar (PhD) (Post Doc. at ADM institute for post harvest loss prevention, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
    Dr. Ankita Juneja (PhD)(Post Doc. at Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Environment, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • Mr. Allexander McDaniels (MS) (Production Chemist, Grace Bio-Labs, Bend, OR)
  • Mr. Kyle Sander (MS) (Univ. of Tennesse for PhD)
  • Mr. Wesley Miller  (MS) (Self Employed)
  • Mr. Ragothaman Avanasi (MS) (Wisconsin School of Business, Earlier at Great Lakes Bioenergy Center)
  • Mr. Chintan Joshi (MS) (Colorado State Univ. for PhD)
  • Ms. Carole Abourached (PhD)
  • Mr. Cosmo Prindle (MS)
  • Ms. Carolina Garcia (PSM)

Undergraduate Students:

  • Ms.Lily Xu (Energy Trust of Oregon)
  • Ms. Crystal Oldfield
  • Mr. Austin Anderson
  • Mr. Thomas Hart
  • Ms. Martine Torres (BS, honors)
  • Mr. James Zantos (BS)
  • Jenna Wilson (BS) (Currently at Georgia TeSTL in 2008 (L to R):Rago, Kyle, Murthy, Wes, Carole, Jenna and Cosmoch. for PhD)

Visiting Students/Scholars:

  • Prof. SoonHo Hong, Univ. of Ulsan, Republic of Korea
  • Dr. Abraham M. Asmare (Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia)
  • Dr. Junko Mochizuki (Univ. of Hawaii)