The Annalora, Iversen, and Marcus Laboratory at OSU – Andrew Annalora, Patrick Iversen, and Craig Marcus – Environmental and Molecular Toxicology – focusing on the common theme of how chemicals in the environment interact with nuclear hormone receptors (NHRs) and cytochrome P450 enzymes (CYPs).

Applied Cereal Genomics – Crop and Soil Science – Our research efforts focus on understanding the genetic basis of traits of agronomic relevance and the application of genomics tools for the improvement of wheat and other cereals.

BeaverTurf – Horticulture – Our turf management program offers opportunities to connect with turf managers across the country, and provides access to research, trials, and resources about turf grass.

Beef Cattle Sciences – Animal and Rangeland Sciences – Extension information on beef cattle for Oregon beef cattle industry.

Berry Crops Production Systems Program – Horticulture – We search for ways to diversify crops, products, markets, and value-added enterprises to keep profits on the farm and in rural communities.

Big Fish Lab – Taylor Chapple – Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station – I study the sharks off our coasts and work with local communities to better understand sharks in Oregon.

BPP Graduate Student Handbook – Botany and Plant Pathology

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug – Horticulture – The brown marmorated stink bug insect affects a wide segment of Oregon society including citizens, business owners, and farmers

Center for Sensory & Consumer Behavior Research – Food Science and Technology – Customized sensory testing services to consumer product industries.

Cereal Pathology – Christina Hagerty – Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center – Studying the fungi and nematodes that affect dryland wheat.

Dairy Bearing – Jenifer Cruickshank – Dairy Extension – Animal and Rangeland Science – to share research results, techniques, resources, announcements, and other items that might be of interest to anyone involved with dairy production

Dugger Lab – Bruce Dugger – Fisheries & Wildlife – behavioral ecology, species-habitat relationships, avian demographics, and energetics

EcoHydro Engineering Group – Dr. Stephen Good – Biological and Ecological Engineering – focuses on understanding plant-water interaction and the biological mediation of hydrological processes.

EcoChem – Gerrad Jones – Biological & Ecological Engineering – understanding how ecosystem health is driven by complex interactions between biological, chemical, and physical processes

Edible Gardens – Brooke Edmunds – Extension Horticulture – Horticulture updates from Extension (Linn & Benton County)

Epps Lab – Clinton Eps – Fisheries & Wildlife – Studying dispersal and connectivity, fragmented populations, metapopulation dynamics, effects of climate change, conservation genetics, wildlife disease, and wildlife management.

Field and Lab Ornithology Collaboratory (FLOCK) – Douglas Robinson – Fisheries and Wildlife – Why OSU is the best place to study birds

Field Lab – Jennifer Field – Environmental and Molecular Toxicology – quantitative analytical methods for organic micropollutants

Fisheries Population Dynamics – David Sampson – Fisheries and Wildlife – Focusing on quantitative analyses of marine fisheries, with the goal of improving the quality, accuracy, and understanding of the procedures and results that are used in the management of Oregon’s fisheries for groundfish.

Food Safety Systems – Joy Waite-Cusic – Food Safety and Microbiology

Freshwater Ecology and Conservation Lab – Ivan Arismendi – Fisheries and Wildlife – improve the understanding about the role of natural variability and human-related disturbances on freshwaters across multiple spatial and temporal scales

Garden Ecology Lab – Gail Langellotto – Horticulture Extension – Socio-ecological research in urban and suburban garden systems

Geospatial Ecology of Marine Megafauna Lab

Giannaco Lab – Guillermo Giannaco – Fisheries and Wildlife – Salmonid ecology and watershed management.

Goyer laboratory – Aymeric Goyer – plant nutrients essential for human health

Hagen Lab – Christian Hagen – Fisheries and Wildlife – Monitoring ecosystem health with wildlife.

Hazelnuts – Aaron Heinrich, Rebecca Mc Cluskey -Horticulture – the development of new hazelnut cultivars for the Oregon hazelnut industry, eastern filbert blight resistance, microsatellite marker development, and DNA markers for eastern filbert blight resistance

Honey Bee Lab – Ramesh Sagili – Our program focuses on honey bee health, nutrition, and pollination with a goal of servicing commercial beekeepers, backyard beekeepers, producers, and all citizens that are interested in bees.

Hop Breeding – Shaun Townsend – The breeding program’s goal is to develop new aroma hop cultivars for Oregon hop growers that are targeted for the craft beer industry. Also, the program collaborates with other hop researchers to expand our knowledge of hop breeding, genetics, production, and cone chemical composition.

Human-Animal Interaction Lab – Monique Udell – Canine-Human Interactions & Cognition; Cat-Human Interactions & Cognition; Applied Animal Behavior

Hydrologic Science TeamRichard CuencaBiological and Ecological Engineeringcurrent water issues ranging from the study of evapotranspiration in irrigated pastures to building databases of the various meteorological parameters from different regions in Europe and North and South America

Inspiration Dissemination – College of Agricultural Sciences – Inspiring Stories From Oregon State Graduate Students on 88.7 KBVR FM

Invertebrate Crop Pests Lab – Rory McDonnell – Crop and Soil Science – Our team is committed to learning more about the ecology and pestiforous nature of the invertebrates so that we can help strategically reduce agricultural yield loss caused annually by a number of snail/slug pest species

Katie Dugger Lab – Katie Dugger – Fisheries and Wildlife – Quantitative population ecology.

Lybrand Lab – Rebecca Lybrand – Soils

Marcus Lab – Craig Marcus – Our research focuses on the role of Cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes in environmentally-induced human diseases

Marine Team – Scarlett Arbuckle – The Oregon State University Marine Team is an interdepartmental collective of students, faculty and staff interested in marine research.

NEWAg Lab – Chad Higgins – Nexus of Energy, Water and Agriculture Laboratory. We study the physical, operational and geospatial connections in the energy-water-food nexus.

Nursery, Greenhouse and Christmas Trees – Lloyd Nackley – an integration of skills and knowledge in pest management, plant propagation, plant nutrition, soil science, ecology, economics, and policy

Olive Research for Oregon (OLEA) – Javier Fernandez-Salvador  – We are currently conducting research and evaluation of the best practices for both table olives and oil producing olives in Oregon. Our research focuses on propagation techniques, cultivar evaluation, and transplanting and orchard establishment practices, in collaboration with experienced growers and industry professionals

OPEnS Lab Projects – Cara Walter – Biological & Ecological Engineering – Where minds meet innovation.

Oregon IPM Center – Oregon’s Statewide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program aims to achieve economically sustainable pest management for Oregon’s agricultural industries with reduced risks to human health and the environment.

Oregon Vegetables – The OSU Vegetable Cropping Systems Program works to support the economic and environmental sustainability of Oregon’s vegetable farmers and farms through its research and outreach programs.

OSPUD Participatory Organic Potato Project – encouraged an exchange of existing integrated management knowledge and promoted farmer innovation

OWRI Updates – The latest research from the Oregon Wine Research Institute.

OSU-COARC Plant Pathology – Jeremiah Dung – Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center – Plant Pathology in Central Oregon.

OSU School IPM Program – Tim Stock – Horticulture – This website is designed specifically for School IPM Coordinators and the school staff who support them in their efforts to reduce pests in their schools.

Permaculture – Andrew Millison – Permaculture Design is an ethically based whole-systems design approach to landscape planning that uses concepts, principles, and methods derived from ecosystems, indigenous peoples, and other time-tested practices to create sustainable human settlements and institutions

Plant Breeding and Genetics – Shaun Townsend – cultivar development and fundamental genetics

Plant Clinic Dashboard – Extension Horticulture – Master Gardener programs of Linn & Benton couties

Plant Ecology and Resource Management Lab – Bryan Endress – Our research seeks to identify and understand how plant populations and communities respond to changing environments, and how our understanding of vegetation dynamics can inform natural resource management.

Pollinator Health – Andony Melathopoulos – Horticulture – Showcasing the Pollinator Health podcast for Oregon.


Quantitative Wildlife Ecology, Conservation, and Environmental Genetics – Levi Taal – Fisheries and Wildlife – Works on ongoing basic and applied research in the Neotropics, Alaska, Oregon, and in the deciduous forests of Northeastern North America.

Research in the College of Agricultural Sciences – Elizabeth Ethrington – Navigating research resources around the College.

Residentail Beekeeping in Oregon

River Engineering and Restoration – Desirée Tullos – Biological and Ecological Engineering – Through field studies and numerical and physical modeling, we examine questions around the physical and biological processes in rivers, from the particle to basin scale, that inform the sustainable management of rivers.

Roby Lab – Dan Roby – Fisheries and Wildlife – Looking at fish-wildlife interactions.

Seed Crops

Seed Production – Thomas Chastain – Crop and Soil Science

Sensory Testing – Food Science and Technology – Our center is specialized in conducting basic and applied research, providing customized sensory testing services to food and greater consumer product industries, and educating future sensory professionals.

Dr. Si Hong Park’s lab – Si Hong Park – Food Science and Technology – Developing Food Safety Programs to include Genomic, Metagenomic, and transcriptomics based in next generation sequencing and bioinformatic techniques.

Slug Portal – Rory McDonell – slugs in the Pacific Northwest

Staci Simonich Lab – Staci Simonich – Environmental and Molecular Toxicology – Studying pollutants known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the environment.

State Fisheries Genomics Lab – Katheleen O’Malley – We provide leadership in the production of genetic data, the development of science-based tools and information from those data, and the formulation of science-based recommendations based on the genetic information

Sustainable Cemetery Studies Lab at OSU – looks at the human-soil interface

Sustainable Technologies Lab – Ganti Murthy – Biological and Eclogical Engineering – Working to develop sustainable technologies using renewable biomaterials.

Sweet Cherry Development in the Pacific Northwest – David Gilbeaut – Horticulture – Temperature dependent models of dormancy, bloom and maturation.

Tracking Caspian Terns in the Pacific Flyway – Fisheries and Wildlife -An investigation of avian biology, conservation, and management.

Tradeoff Analysis Project – John Antle – develops modeling tools that can be used by research teams to improve the understanding of agricultural system sustainability and inform policy decisions

Tree Fruits and Nuts – Oregon’s tree fruit and nut industries bring many benefits to Oregonians, including a variety of healthful foods to consumers and jobs to rural communities

Urban and Community Horticulture – The field of urban and community horticulture includes a number of activities united by one common interest: peoples’ interactions with plants.

Value-Added Food Product Development – to aid in the promotion of a successful fruit and vegetable industry in Oregon through technical assistance and technology transfer

Weed Science Program – Caio Brunharo – Crop and Soil Science – recent research that is being conducted in our group, weed species, open positions, and recent achievements of our team.

Wheat Research

The Wilbur L. Bluhm Plant Phenology Study – Wilbur Bluhm – Horticulture – Studying the timing of phenological events in Oregon, such as the start and end of flowering, and leaf out.

VegNet – A Willamette Valley based insect pest monitoring system.

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