A765, a male Caspian tern, was banded and fitted with a satellite tag on 02 April, 2015 at Crescent Island. He and his satellite tagged mate (F367) were observed nesting at East Sand Island starting in May of 2015, and they successfully raised and fledged young that breeding season.

In 2016, A765 was a late arrival onto the breeding grounds. He did not arrive back to the Columbia River estuary until 08 June. He stayed in the vicinity of East Sand Island through 23 June then began moving southward again. He did not overlap with his mate from the previous year (F367) very much at East Sand Island and may not have attempted to breed this year.

A765 next to his mate on East Sand Island (F367 is on the nest to the right), 2015
The 2015 breeding season movements (April through July) for Caspian tern A765
The 2016 winter movements (01 January through 31 March) for Caspian tern A765