A795, a female Caspian tern, left the Columbia Plateau region and traveled over 2000 km to the Copper River Delta, Alaska after being banded and fitted with a satellite tag at Potholes Reservoir on 18 April, 2015. She had moved south to the Salton Sea, just north of the US/Mexico border by the end of July, 2015.

During the 2016 breeding season, A795 again traveled to Alaska but did not settle at any known colony sites. Preliminary surveys of Caspian terns and other coastal seabirds in Alaska indicated poor nesting conditions with low numbers of birds nesting.

A795 starting her 2000 km trip to Alaska
The 2015 breeding season movements (April through July) for Caspian tern A795
The 2016 winter movements (01 January through 31 March) for Caspian tern A795