F367, a female Caspian tern, was originally banded on 13 May, 2012 and fitted with a satellite tag on 02 April, 2015 at Crescent Island. She and her satellite tagged mate (A765) were observed nesting at East Sand Island starting in May of 2015, and they successfully raised and fledged young during that breeding season.

During the 2016 breeding season, F367 spent most of May in the vicinity of East Sand Island, consistent with a possible nesting attempt. Her mate from last year (A765) did not arrive in the area until 08 June, however, so she may have attempted nesting with a new mate or not nested at all. She made a couple extended trips to the Salish Sea during June, indicating that if she did attempt to nest, her nesting attempt had likely failed by early June.

F367 with her chicks on East Sand Island, 2015
Travel route of Caspian tern F367 from 1 April, 2015 to 30 July, 2015. This tern was observed breeding at East Sand Island in May (paired with A765) after being fitted with a satellite tag at Crescent Island in early April.
The 2016 winter movements (01 January through 31 March) for Caspian tern F367