Ph.D. 2020



Brittany earned her Ph.D. in 2020 under the direction of Dr. Scott Heppell. Prior to OSU, she attained a B.S. in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution from UC San Diego, then went on to get her M.S. in Oceanography and Coastal Sciences from Louisiana State University.

With the degradation and alteration of marine and freshwater habitats, my research interests are focused on examining how fish respond to these changes and relate overall habitat quality to fisheries management strategies. My dissertation project assessed habitat quality and nursery function for juvenile rockfishes (Sebastes spp.) in Oregon’s estuaries. I also compared feeding ecology, age, and growth of juveniles between different habitats within each estuary. Otolith microchemistry was used to potentially identify nursey habitats and contribution of Oregon estuaries to the adult populations.

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