Printed Super Calibrator System

The system has been printed. There are so minor flaws with will be addressed, but we have our first prototype. 

3D printed Validator and pole attachment 3D printed Validator and pole attachment 

3D printed Validator and pole attachment 

In the image above we can see both of pieces that are 3D printed. The pole attachment is locked to a piece of aluminum extrusion just for demonstration purposes; it also has a battery sitting on it to keep it from falling. Our validator has a 6mm hole diameter siphon and will drain all the container in about 50-55 seconds. An ADC will be amplifying the signal coming from the strain gauge and outputting data to an Arduino UNO. All the electronics will be located on top of the pole attachment.

The flaws that were previously mentioned were about the attachment. The holes for the u-bolt are a little bit too close so I had to drill them out to get the u-bolt to fit. Another thing that will be changed is the little tube on the side that guides the wires coming from the strain gauge. It has a 90-degree corner that makes it difficult to pass wires through it, so I will modify the design to make it smoother. Other than that, our desing is complete.