Electronics Enclosure for Evaporimeter

Having the electronics secured and accessible on the evaporimeter is essential. The solution that we came up with is having a transparent jar that would screw on the evaporimeter’s pole attachment. Here is the updated design:

When turned to the underside, one can see the extruded base to accommodate the threads and the breadboard and battery compartments. The breadboard slot might be edited to have a slide in feature instead of having a little slot to hold it in. The battery slot is just fine. Here are some pictures of the assembled pole attachement with the jar:

Assembled EvaporimeterAssembled Evaporimeter

Assembled Evaporimeter

Pole attachment without the jar.Pole attachment without the jar.

Pole attachment without the jar.

The inside is not a smooth print because it prints on the support material, but we are more concerned about function of the inside piece and not the aesthetics. 

Jar and pole attachment Jar and pole attachment 

Jar and pole attachment 

A humidity/temperature sensor and a uSD card adapter are being added to the electronics. I prototyped these new electronics and wrote code for them. An intern here at the lab is integrating the code and new electronics into the current design.