3D Printing a Culvert Entrance


I’ve been working with Desiree D. Tullos to create a 3D printed culvert entrance. The designs are done and are about to be printed. These will help illustrate the flow of water in a real system. The designs were created to simulate an efficient and inefficient culvert. 


To simulate the inefficiency and efficiency of water flow in a real culvert using 3D printed culvert entrances and acrylic tubing for the pathway of the water. 

Materials and Methods: 

Desiree’s team sketched the design in 2D and then passed the specifications to me. I then designed the 3D model, in Fusion360, from the 2d design. We will print these on the Fusion3-f400. Here are the designs: 



I still need to print them, but I did test print the entrance of the piece and it fits well with the acrylic tubing. Here are some pictures of the print:


Acrylic Tubing with o-ring Acrylic Tubing with o-ring 

Acrylic Tubing with o-ring 

3D printed entrance on acrylic 3D printed entrance on acrylic 

3D printed entrance on acrylic