Nordic RF shields for Adafruit ProTrinket

By: Chet Udell


This post provides an update on the near-range (up to 100m) RF branch of the Internet of Agriculture Project. New PCB design makes an improvement on a general-purpose, opensource, plug-n-play wireless sensor kit.


The previous version of the RF IoT sensor kit had some minor layout flaws, and failed to accommodate a ‘handshake’ button for auto synchronizing an RF sensor node with its base station, a power button, and some other small details. A new version adds these features and reduces the overall device volume by one-third.

Methods and Materials:

Eagle CAD was used to modify a previous version of the PCB. A whole new layout was explored that reduced overall device volume substantially and new features added including: power button, handshake button, removing 12VDC power adapter on base receiver (for now), placing LiPo Backpack on the underside of the transmitter, and creating a “stackable” offset for the ProTrinket, should anyone wish to make further shields to extend this devices capacity.


See below! PCBs are in the fab house now. . .