Capstone Team Intro: Chase Coltman

Hello, my name is Chase Coltman, I one of the three capstone students working on the new companion app for the OPEns Lab Water Sampler, OpenSampler. I am excited to bring some of my previous mobile development experience to this project and make a great addition to this team. Currently, I am in my Senior year at Oregon State University, and I am studying Applied Computer Science, with a focus in Simulation and Game Programming. I am thrilled to be a part of this team and can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Previously here at Oregon State, I have taken several classes that will be very beneficial to our assignment. Two of the most beneficial classes I feel will contribute the most to this project are Mobile Software and Cloud Development, and Intro to Usability Engineering. My Mobile Software and Cloud Development class will likely be the most useful as we focused on app development, however we did not cover certain things like GSM or BLE, which is going to play a very large role in the companion app. My other class, Intro to Usability Engineering, was more about general UI design, good user/design focused elements such as Affordance, Consistency and of course Usability.