Assembled Evaporometer Type S

I have assembled the new evaporometer. This post will be a quick update of the progress.

Here is an image of the assembled Evaporometer Type S: 


I started by assembling the electronics on the inside because that would be the fastest thing to do. This also included the strain gauge and then humidity/temp sensor that goes on the lid of the system.  Then I did the wiring of the light sensors because that would take the longest. The light sensor wiring was the longest because of the intricate soldering on the pins of the sensors, plus passing all the wiring through the cordgrip was very time-consuming. 

In the end, the whole assembly takes about 2-2.5 hours to accomplish. This is not counting the time to print the parts. At the time of this post, we are still working on three other evaporometers:


And we have more on the printer.


In total we are making four evaporometers with the ETA attachment and four without it.