Courses Taught

Biofuel Feedstocks and Production
BEE 499/599 3 Credits
Bioethanol is one of the important alternatives to fossil fuels. This course will provide an overview of the biofuel feedstocks for production of fuels, feed and industrially valuable chemicals. Issues in feedstock utilization such as suitability, availability, sustainability and economic viability will be addressed. This course will cover the preprocessing, post processing and fermentation technologies in ethanol production. Influence of feedstock composition and process technologies on ethanol and coproducts will be discussed.

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Bioprocess Control Systems
BEE 599 5 Credits
This course aims to introduce the design methods in modern control theory. The specific focus of the course will be on control of biochemical systems. Optimization through control will also be introduced. The emphasis will be on design methods for linear or linearized systems.

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