Gerrad Jones, PhD (email, CV)

I have always had a passion for exploring the natural world, and as a child, I could often be found chasing animals, fishing, or building dams and bridges across the small creeks throughout northern Nevada. As an adult, I pretty much do the same thing with my family. It is therefore not surprising that I pursued a career in science and engineering. For me, research is so interesting because there are always so many small challenges to overcome. I especially like pursuing logistically challenging problems because the rewards can be great with a little out-of-the-box thinking. I am a Quechan tribal member and am proud of my Native American heritage. I encourage all Native Americans and other minorities to reach out and contact me if you have any questions about my lab, research, or your own academic interest.

Current Students

Emmanuel Dávila-Santiago, MS Student (anticipated graduation: 2020)

I am a Puerto Rican student who is enthusiastic about anything environmental and ecological. My background is in Coastal Marine Biology, having done my undergraduate studies at the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao. I am interested in the chemical and biological aspects of ecological problems and learning how to resolve them with an engineering point of view. My hobbies range from listening to music, exercising, going on walks and just simply talking. I chose the Biological and Ecological Engineering program at Oregon State University because of its diverse offerings and flexibility in research topics.

Cheng Shi, PhD Student (anticipated graduation: 2023)

Former Students

Bridgette Medeghini, BS Ecological Engineering (2019)

Gouri Mahadwar, MS Water Resource Engineering (2019)

Logan Insinga, BS Ecological Engineering (2019)

Brooke Bennett, BS Ecological Engineering (2020)



Lab Activities

Getting ready for star gazing at Mary’s Peak

Watching the Corvallis Knights baseball game 







Having a lab meeting