Undergraduate Students
There are frequent research opportunities for dedicated undergraduates to become involved in field research activities.  Additionally, during the summer, I usually hire several students as field technicians on various research projects.  These are excellent opportunities to:

  • Gain hands-on experience and learn new skills and techniques
  • Learn to collaborate with a wide range partners including land owners, federal agencies, and non-governmental organizations
  • Conduct research addressing critical issues in ecology, natural resource management and conservation

If you are interested in joining our team and want to learn more about our projects, please contact Bryan Endress.

Graduate Students (MS and PhD)
Oregon State University is an excellent environment for graduate students, particularly for those interested in ecology and natural resource management.  Our lab works on a diverse range of topics, but all relate to and inform our understanding of ecology and natural resource management.  Many projects are collaborative in nature and involve partnering with other researchers, producers, agencies, and organizations. This approach provides ample opportunities for students to not only learn skills in study design, data analysis, and manuscript writing, but also gain an understanding of real-world natural resource management issues.

As an advisor, I try to be readily accessible to students and foster a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. Potential graduate students are encouraged to send an email detailing their research ideas and background, well in advance of the deadline for applications.  

Postdoctoral Researchers
While the lab does not currently have funding for postdoctoral researchers, I am willing to work with dedicated candidates to develop fellowship and grant proposals that would fund their work in the lab. Potential postdoctoral researchers are encouraged to contact Bryan Endress a year before finishing their PhD requirements, to allow time to develop proposals.