Capstone Team Intro: Hunter Lien

My name is Hunter Lien and I am one of the new additions to the OPEnSampler team! I’m currently a senior here at Oregon State University getting my degree in computer science focusing on computer security. I first got into computer science back in freshman year of highschool when my school started a computer science program. Every level of the class was taught by a single teacher, Mr. Bartlo and I consider him the biggest contributing factor to my interest in this field. He always encouraged us to move outside our comfort zone and even helped us get funding for projects that might have required additional hardware.

Travis, Chase, and I make up the senior capstone group responsible for developing an Android application capable of interfacing with the OPEnSampler hardware. We will be working on this for the next 6 months at which point we aim to have a functioning product. All three of us will be posting weekly blog posts on the OPEnSampler website to let you all know how progress is going in whatever area of the application we happen to be working on. I’m really excited to get started with this project and can’t wait to be part of it’s success.