Members of the Heppell Lab are often involved in the following organizations and programs.

Marine Team

The Oregon State University Marine Team is an interdepartmental collective of students, faculty and staff interested in marine research. The program’s goal is to provide opportunities for on-hands experience for students in marine sciences at OSU and the Hatfield Marine Science Center. It was created in 2002 by Scott and Selina Heppell, and is now led by Scarlett Arbuckle. The Marine Team is open to all who are interested.

OSU Fisheries and Wildlife Mentorship Program

The Fisheries and Wildlife Mentorship Prorgam pairs undergraduate mentees with graduate mentors  to facilitate scientific and professional training within the OSU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. Undergraduate students gain hands-on research experience, and graduate students gain experience in teaching, leading, and managing adult learners. Many grads in the Heppell lab participate in this program.

Salmon Bowl

The Salmon Bowl, which is part of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl, is a regional academic science competition for high school students in Oregon and Idaho that specifically focuses on ocean sciences. It is held annually on OSU’s campus, and consists of teams of 4–5 students competing in a quiz-bowl to win prizes, scholarships, and a chance to represent our region at the National Ocean Science Bowl. Students in the Heppell lab regularly volunteer with this program.