Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Research Assistant



My research interests broadly involve the early life history of marine fish, the development of egg and larval stages pre-partum through settlement with a specific focus on the effect of maternal age and condition on egg and larval fitness characteristics. Previous research projects include a study of maternal effects in a deep-water rockfish species in the Gulf of Alaska and an experimental investigation into the combined influence of maternal effects and environmental stochasticity on anuran larvae. My current project is a bio-economic collaboration with funding from the Lenfest Oceans Program to evaluate so-called simple metrics for stock assessment. While maternal effects are not modeled explicitly, the simple metrics we are testing rely on the importance of age structure to the population dynamics of long-lived groundfish species. A project in development will combine experimentation with simulation modeling to quantify maternal effects at the individual level and the effect of age truncation at the population level under variable thermal regimes. With this project I plan to incorporate maternal effects and age structure into the larger ecological idea of resilience in order to model potential population response to the predictions of climate change.


Selina Heppell