V84 of Soil Vapor Sampler

A few changes have been done to the Soil Vapor Sampler. The design has been flip upside down. This was done to accommodate the new cap. The angle at which the tubing came into the sampler was also modified. The hole is now directly extruded towards the center, this facilitates the insertion of the tubing. 

 New Vapor Sampler Cap    New Vapor Sampler Cap   

 New Vapor Sampler Cap


This new cap goes on the bottom soil sampler. This is the piece that gets inserted into the ground first. 

Cross section of vapor samplerCross section of vapor sampler

Cross section of vapor sampler

The gray long tubes are the pathways where the tubing goes through. With the direct path, the tubes have no troubles going in. 

This is the model of a vapor sampler with all the pieces put together. The white piece is the microporous tubing that would go between every sampler and between the last sampler and the cap.