3D Printed Hyperspectral Camera Mount

I have 3D printed the pieces from the initial design. Here are pictures of the pieces: 

Shaft CouplerShaft Coupler

Shaft Coupler

Assembled Shaft CouplerAssembled Shaft Coupler

Assembled Shaft Coupler

This is one of the most important pieces of the whole assembly. This made from two pieces that screw together. The top piece holds the 360 swivel in place and the bottom piece is the shaft coupler. The next iteration needs some improvements, but this design works great. 

Shaft BaseShaft Base

Shaft Base

This base is the rest for the shaft coupler; the base plate of the shaft coupler rests on the bearings. The shaft base connects to the motor housing making a solid base for the camera. 

Disassembled baseDisassembled base

Disassembled base

Assembled Base Assembled Base 

Assembled Base 

Here is the assembled piece. The motor electronics have been tested and soon will be integrated. Some more things have to be edited in the desing before printing a working version. 

The post before this one outlines the CAD for these pieces, for a more detailed description of the design look below.