Designing Base for Camera System

Most of the design for the rotating system is complete, but there are still some minor things to straighten out. One of the next things to design is the actual attachment to the pole that will be holding the whole system. This attachment has to be really strong because it will be holding the whole weight of the camera and rotating system. Here is the initial design of the base:

My initial idea is to have the attachment slide over the top of the pole and use some bolts as set screws to make sure that it will not move or fall off. The attachment has to also be connect to the motor housing. As of right now, I have four bolts coming from the motor housing into the base attach. I am trying to think about a way to get the nuts into the piece itselft, this way they are secure and will not fall out. I might just end up making a bigger holes on the bottom and use a socket to tighten them. Here is the the pole that we are using for this project.

Hyperspectral Camera TripodHyperspectral Camera Tripod

Hyperspectral Camera Tripod

This week I will finish the design and print it. I will then proceed to mount the rotating system on it, and start testing the whole thing.