Modeling at HyperRail Speed!


We have decided to go with the 20x40mm V-Slot aluminum extrusion for the rail version of the hyperspectral mount. It balances strength, function, and price. Here is an update of the CAD model of the design. 


To design the whole system to have a visual and have all parts ready for printing when the aluminum extrusion, boards, and motors come in. 

Materials and Methods:

I will be using Fusion360 to CAD the model and design all the parts that will be 3D printed. Some parts already have models from the manufacturer, so theses will only require assembly in the model.


The following are the assemblies of the parts and the designs of the parts to be 3D printed. Most of the HyperRails will be straight forward to assemble, this is because the extrusion is made for linear motion systems. The pieces that will be 3D printed will be the motor mount, string roll, extrusion connectors, tripod connectors, and rope guide. 

This is the assembly of the whole system with the major pieces.