Power Pulse Controllers


I have been putting together three power pulse controllers. One has already been sent out, but two more are in production. Here is a quick overview of the system specs and parts. 


I used Fusion360 for the modeling of the PPC and to create the 2D drawings so that other people can create it more easily. 


Here is the model of the finished model on which everything was based off :

The 2D drawings (link above) contain the layout of the components on the backboard and the locations of the holes made for the components that go on outside of the enclosure. There are some extra components that are not modeled in the CAD that come with the enclosure. These are not modeled because we were not the ones who put them on there; our pieces do not interfere with these pieces.

Here is a picture of the extra pieces that come with the enclosure:


Here are other pictures of the other two Power Pulse Controllers being built: