Almost ready for action

Author: Lars Larson

The custom PCB’s are in, and the system is nice and stable. The Powerboost 1000c powers everything well, running off a 3.7V battery. The wireless inductive charging system also works as planned.

The first iteration of a 3D-printed enclosure could use a couple of adjustments, but it will work for initial testing.  The main issue is that the HyperRail may be long enough to require an antenna for the nRF chip, which will not fit in the current enclosure.

The software reliably integrates the sensor system with the HyperRail with easy customization of time and distance intervals. Data can be transferred to the hub and forwarded to a second base with Ethernet capability up to 400 meters away. Construction, deployment, and experimentation begin in early September.

Check out the pics below for the enclosure, PCB, and powering system.