Evaporometer 2.0

Abstract: Here is an update on the new evaporimeter design. This design will include the ETA sensor on it. It has not yet been designed, but the electronics base has the port for it.

Objective: This post is intended to update the reader on the new design for evaporimeter.

Methods:  I did the CAD in Fusion360. Here is the link

Results: The following CAD are the main pieces that make the new evaporimeter design. 

This is the main body that holds the battery and the electronics. The battery sits at the bottom of the case and the electronics sit on top of the battery supported by a 3D printed base.

This piece is the on that holds the electronics in place. The bottom PCB is bolted onto this piece; this one is specifically designed to bolt the Feather RTC and uSD card wing. 

This is the cap that will close the case. This is designed to be modular in height for 3D printing. Our electronics are made so that more capabilities can be added after production; this is done by stacking other shields onto the existing boards. 

This is the assembly of the case without the cover. The aluminum piece extruding from the side is the strain gauge and the black piece is a cordgrip used to pass a cable with four conductors that will be used to communicate with the light and humidity/temperature sensors.