Evaporometer 2.0 First Prototype

Abstract: Here is an update on the progress of the second versions of the Evaporimeter. We have now printed the pieces and mounted the electronics onto the 3D printed pieces. 

Objective: To inform the reader of the features and changes to the Evaporimeter design. 

Methods: I did all the CAD on Fusion360.  Here is the Assembly.


This is the CAD for the new design. 

This is the first prototype of the second version. We have to yet test the whole system, but we are getting there. There are some minor things to fix first before this design of finalized. 

This version has a barrel jack that will be used for solar power charging; this was intended for an external solar panel attachment. We are planning to integrate the solar panel into the project’s electronics, so we will be8 making a new base cap that has the solar panel in it and the electronics on the underside.

This design also gives the user access to uSD and USB by just sliding a cap off. This will be very nice when you have to get the data from the uSD card or you have to reprogram the microcontroller. 

The solar shield on this design is outdated. I want to make an octagonal version of the shied that will cover all the sides of the strain gauge. This will make it so that the heat is more evenly distributed.