Recent Funding Support

Project TitleFund Source(s)PI’sProject Period
Smart bioplastic food packaging to extend shelf-life and reduce pollutionMinistry of Business, Innovation and Employment, New ZealandFrench, E.,
Zhao, Y. as Co-PI
Smoke taint risk from vineyards exposed to wildfire smoke: Assessment and management strategiesUSDA SCRITomasino, E., …
Zhao, Y.
Novel coatings to prevent uptake of smokes into wine grapesODA Specialty Crop Block GrantZhao, Y.
Tomasino, E.
Penner, M.
Investigation of principles and technologies to stabilize fruit anthocyanin pigments for retaining integrity, nutritional and sensory qualities of processed whole fruitUSDA NIFA FoundationZhao, Y. Jung, Jooyeoun1/21-12/23
Eliminating processing and shelf life trade barriers for Oregon hazelnutsUSDA TASCZhao, Y. McGorrin, R.9/21-8/23
Quantifying nutrient content of Oregon hazelnut skins to make Oregon hazelnuts more viable in the global marketplaceUSDA TASCMcGorrin, R. Zhao, Y.9/21-8/23
Converting beverage processing byproducts into high-value sustainable packaging productsODA Specialty Crop Block GrantZhao, Y.10/20-9/22
Advanced edible coating techniques for ensuring quality and improving storability of walnut kernelsCA Walnut BoardZhao, Y. 06/21-05/22
Radio frequency dielectric heating system for high efficient and sustainable drying and pasteurization of Oregon hazelnutsOregon Hazelnut CommissionZhao, Y.5/20-8/20
Development and validation of CNF based coating formulation for improving the storability of postharvest melonsFiberLeanZhao, Y. Simenson, J.7/20-12/20
Integrated active packaging and edible coatings for ensuring quality and improving storability of walnut kernelsCA Walnut BoardZhao, Y  09/19-08/20
Innovative edible coating technology for ensuring quality and improving storability of walnutsCA Walnut BoardZhao, Y.09/18-08/19
Enhancing productivity and safety of Oregon hazelnuts through technology innovationODA Specialty Crop Block GrantZhao, Y. Jung, J09/19-09/21
Investigation of dried nut quality and storability as associated with quality characteristics of fresh nuts, impact of harvest times on nut quality, and high efficiency radio frequency drying technology for ensuring quality and safety of nutsOregon Hazelnut CommissionZhao, Y. McGorrin, R.07/18-06/19
Competitive edible coatings for enhancing shelf-life and marketability of pearsODA Specialty Crop Block GrantZhao, Y.10/17-09/19
Improve storability of hazelnutsOregon Hazelnut CommissionZhao, Y. McGorrin, R.07/17-06/18