Dr. Yanyun Zhao
Principle Investigator

University Distinguished Professor, Food Science and Technology

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, College of Agricultural Sciences
Oregon State University

Dr. Jooyeoun Jung

Co-PI, Assistant Professor (Sr. Researcher)

Department of Food Science and Technology

Oregon State University

Dr. Damla Dag

Currently: Postdoctoral Scholar
Research: 1) Radio freuqency dielectric heating for food, byproducts and packaging; 2) Develop and characterize edible and compostable packaging
Previous Degree: Ph.D. in food processing from University of Georgia

Chieh-Yi (Jerry) Lin

Currently: Ph.D. Candidate
Research: 1) Integrated chemical and physical strategies for preventing anthocyanins leaching in processed fruit in aqueous media; 2) Upcycling food and agricultural biowaste into sustainable packaging materials.
Previous Degree: M.S. in Food Science at Fu Jen Catholic University.

Sarah Caballero

Currently: Ph.D. Student
Research: 1) Functional food coatings to reduce food loss; 2) Techno-economic analysis of sustainable packaging; 3) Sustainable food packaging.
Previous Degree: M.S. in Food Science and Technology from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Emma Gordy

Currently: M.S. Student
Research: Vaporization of plant fiber based biowaste as the primary component of molded pulp packaging
Previous Degree: B.S. in Chemical Engineering at University of Maryland

Xiaofang Bai

Currently: M.S. student

Research: Development of susutainable technologies for ensuring quality and extending shelf-life of Oregon hazelnuts

Previous degree: B.S. in Food Science & Technology at Northwest Forest University, China

Cecilia Hernandez-Hosaka

Currently: M.S. Student
Research: 1) Converting food processing waste into sustainable packaging materials; 2) Developing antimicrobial edible packaging.
Previous Degree: B.S. in Chemistry at Queen’s University, Canada

Estribi Mendez, Paola Marie

Currently: Undergraduate Researcher
Research: Assist graduate research assistants in developing sustainable molded pulp packaging products