Over 500 people currently subscribe to VegNet, a 28% increase from just 3 years ago. During the transition from the old format (static webpage) to this new (blog), we’ve migrated the list of all subscribers. I put together a graphic to get an idea of what type of people utilize the service.

A few key points:

  • The VegNet program is doing what it’s supposed to;

serving as a frontline IPM resource for the agricultural community.

  • Everyone is welcome! Whether you are a student, home gardener, ag producer, policy maker, or armchair biologist – please feel free to join us! Subscribe to the weekly newsletter (box at left) and review this post of how to interpret data tables.
  • A note to current subscribers:  If you would like to identify with one of the industry categories above, drop me a line and I’ll update your info. And most importantly: THANK YOU ALL for utilizing and supporting this program!

Stay tuned! The first report of the season will be published on or before April 14th.

In the meantime, good luck with spring plantings!

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Update: Thanks to geolocation technology, I can now access broad, general data about where VegNet reports are being read. Don’t worry – this does not go deeper than state level, and the location is not associated with your email address. That is, I’m not ‘spying’, just excited to see so many VegNet followers “East of the Mississippi”!

This made me wonder if some of these supporters are researchers at peer land-grant institutions. Which, of course, led to an excuse to make another cool graphic ☺

*shaded areas indicate VegNet newsletter opens between April 28th and May 8th, 2017. West: n=145; East: n=96

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