• FEB 6th re: AgCensus – Every 5 years, USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service offers producers large and small (>$1K of annual sales or potential) opportunity to participate in the census. The data collected help guide legislature, research, and most importantly, show the value and importance of American agriculture. The law requires that operator information remains confidential and used for aggregate data reporting only.
  • FEB 13th re: EPA Rodenticide Proposed Interim Decision (PID) – Lots of other agencies covering this, but just in case…be aware that many changes are being proposed that could impact your operation. Applicator licensure, restrictions or revoking use, timing and placement, increased PPE, and mandatory or advisory post-application carcass searches, to name a few. Learn more from the Rodenticide Task Force or EPA.
  • MAR 15th re: Commodity Commission Openings – 19 of the 23 state commissions have open seats that need filled. Again, a great opportunity to ensure your voice is heard and help guide decision-making. OPVC is my favorite 🙂 but let your own interest and experience guide you! Learn more and apply via ODA.

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