Start of Spring Update

By: Samantha Edwards

Smart Rock rev 2 has been making great progress! Current focus has been around finalizing what electrical components will be used and minimizing the overall size of the Smart Rock.

As you can read in our last blog post, preliminary sensor testing has been completed. Since then, we have integrated the sensors together with a custom PCB that will be used in the Smart rock.

Over the past few weeks, the Smart Rock team has been collaborating with Laurie Childers to design a ceramic cover for the Smart Rock. This cover will act as protection, camouflage, and means of securing the smart rock in place.

Next steps include:

  • Running calibration tests for the total dissolved solids sensor we are working with
  • Integrating and testing Bluetooth communications with OPEnS Project LOOM
  • Finalize components and minimize components used to save space
  • Finalize the current case design
  • Identify methods of securing the Smart Rock to stream beds using the ceramic cover