Jenny Urbina

Jenny Urbina

Postdoctoral Research Associate

I am an ecologist and I am interested on understanding the effects of habitat disturbance, invasive species and emerging infectious diseases (EID’s). During my PhD, I was trained in experimental biology using the system chytrid-amphibians to evaluate impacts of the chytrid through the life history of native and invasive amphibian species. I also studied changes in reproductive size in bullfrogs in invaded areas, and the effects of different chytrid strains on bullfrog survival.

I joined the Levi lab in 2017 to continue my path working and learning about disease ecology while incorporating new tools and skills. Currently, I am working on a collaborative project with the National Park service at Mount Rainier (MORA), studying a psychrophilic (cold-loving) fungus that causes the white-nose syndrome (WNS), an emerging infectious disease-causing unprecedented declines of bats populations.

Using guano and swab samples, I am evaluating and quantifying the presence of the fungus, and we are planning to incorporate the use of new molecular tools to increase the likelihood of detection of this fungus. Additionally, I will work on the identification of bat species from guano with molecular tools.

In my free time, I do Zumba, travel around and enjoy sharing time with friends!