Marnet Ngosi

MS Student

I am interested in wildlife population dynamics. Specifically, building methods, techniques and models to estimate population abundance, distribution and habitat use. I have spent four years working in the field in an on-going wildlife and habitat monitoring program in Malawi. In my Masters dissertation I will work on modelling abundance and distribution of key species in Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve using data collected with camera traps. I will be co-advised by Dr. Damon Lesmeister, U.S. Forest Service PNW Research Station

In an effort to repopulate Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, the African Elephant and other animals were translocated to the Reserve from other protected areas in Malawi. This work is particularly relevant because it is essential in long term monitoring of the animal populations that were translocated. I obtained my undergraduate degree in natural resources management from the University of Malawi, Bunda College. In my undergraduate thesis, I assessed how institutions support protected area management. Over the years, I have worked across various fields of wildlife conservation relating to conservation education; promoting knowledge and skills transfer