Salmon, Humans, and Wildlife

Pacific salmon are fantastic (and tasty) animals. They are born in freshwater, migrate to sea, and return to their natal stream where they spawn and die. They provide an enormous pulse of marine derived nutrients to terrestrial systems. Predators, and particularly bears, rely heavily on salmon. Humans also rely on salmon for livelihoods and food. My research evaluates salmon management goals and their impact on wildlife by quantifying the level of competition between salmon fisheries and wildlife users of salmon. Fishery certifiers such as the Marine Stewardship Council state that fisheries must have acceptable impacts on the ecosystem, but quantitative methods to determine whether these goals are being met are still lacking. I am working to develop these goals for Pacific salmon fisheries.

In addition to quantitative research, our fieldwork near Haines, Alaska quantifies the importance of salmon carcasses to terrestrial wildlife, and the ecosystem effects of abundant salmon-supported bears. (Original artwork by Yiwei Wang)

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