25 meter HypeRail + eGreenhouse

Abstract: The HyperRail was modified to be used with the eGreenhouse, a sensor suite for real-time greenhouse monitoring. The system is about 25.5 meters long and is located in the Northwest Research Extension Center in Wilsonville, OR.

Deployment: The HyperRail has the standard setup of electronics, but in this iteration it includes a short range radio. This radio is used to upload the data from the sensors up to a google spreadsheet. Here is a link to eGreenhouse page that details the the setup of the sensors.

nRF Breakout boardnRF Breakout board

nRF Breakout board

The image above shows the RF chip breakout board that goes on the Feather M0. The image below shows the HyperRail + eGreenhouse deployed in the greenhouse.

HyperRail + eGreenhouse deploymentHyperRail + eGreenhouse deployment

HyperRail + eGreenhouse deployment