Wind Vane Body with Electronics

After several designs I finally finished one that looked like it would function well enough.Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 4.23.34 PM

So far it’s separated into three parts: the tail which also houses the battery, the head which houses most of the electronics, and the front cover which was made invisible in the above picture.

I printed the head first with 30% grid infill but that seems to be too much. I’ll either change the x/y/z distance for support or move that down to 25%, or both. The support was very difficult to get off and took some of the thin walls with it.


The other side came out very nicely and the humidity sensor and pressure sensor fit perfectly.


Next I’ll add a spot for the SD card board and try printing the tail. I still need to figure out the rest of the case and how to snap fit the entire thing together, as well as how to snap it onto the fiber optic cable.